54 Million dollar pants

I have made mistakes in my life but none that could cost me 54 million dollars. A Korean dry cleaner,in northeast Washington, owner was sued for $54 million after he lost a customer's pants. The owner tried to give the customer an replacement. The man that lost is pants was kind enough to lower his lawsuit to $54m from $57m. It seems weird but this is a true story.

The judge ended up throwing out the case and made the man pay the cleaners $1000 for court clerical costs.

What can we learn for this expensive case.
1. We just have to forget and forgive sometimes
2. Common sense is uncommon
3. Everyone makes mistakes
4. Justice will be served(most of the time)
5. Our anger can lead us to do strange things

For more:Us judge rejects 54-million dollar-[english.pravda.ru]