Get paid for sharing files

DOCSTOCDo you have old but useful documents sitting on your desktop or a flash drive picking up virtual dust ? Join the club;I have a lot of old files,presentations,and research papers in storage. If only there was a way to share and have others benefit from them and at the same time get paid for sharing. There is a way and it is called DocStoc. Your simply upload your documents and get paid . Of course ,the more value your Docs bring the more you will make. Strive to provide value and the money will follow. I found out about DocStoc from the smart folks over at

What is
DocStoc ?

As per DocStoc:
"Docstoc is the premier online community to find and share professional documents. Docstoc provides the platform for users and businesses to upload and share their documents with all the world, and serves as a vast repository of documents in variety of categories including legal, business, financial, technology, educational, and creative. All documents on docstoc can be easily searched, previewed and downloaded for free."

Here is Youtube video that also explains how DocStoc works.