Enjoying your job

office cubicleDo you always enjoy your job? Of course not.
Why not ?
There are day where everyone would like to be somewhere else other than work. Today, we will discuss some ways to make your job more enjoyable.

We spend most of our waking hours working. I am not only talking to office rats, I am one of them, some of us work at home and some of us are work at home parents (personally I think this is the most rewarding job). We should at least try to enjoy our daily grind. If we do, then it will be less like work and more like our life. But becoming ultra a workaholic is NOT what I am promoting here. Being balanced is the key to happiness and longevity. BE BALANCED!

Here we go…..

Enjoying Your Job

1. Have a plan
The more we manage our time at work the less stressed we are. The less stressed we are the more creative we are. The more creative we the more relaxed we are. The more relaxed we are the more we will enjoy our jobs.

2. Eat out on Mondays
A lot of people celebrate the ending of the week and end up hating Mondays. Why not delay our gratification for only 2 days more and Monday will not suck as much.

3. Get out of your cubicle
There is a world outside of our cube. I sometime forget this myself (shame on me). Staying glued to your cubicle will cause you to hate your job. Get out of your cube and the solution you have been pounding your head against your desk will come to you. Getting away from your cube will free your mind. Doing so might also help you solve problems from a different angle.

4. Love it
Have you found yourself working on an interesting problem and end up losing track of time? This has happen to me on many occasions. WHAT A RUSH! Finding pleasure in your job will definitely make it more enjoyable. If you find yourself looking at the clock every 30 minutes, then you may have a problem. Maybe it is time to do some soul searching?

5. Enjoy a good book
For those of you who travel to work, reading or listen to a book will make your trip more pleasurable. Starting your day with a great book could make the rest of your day amazingly pleasant. When I am not taking classes, I consume a book in a week. I will review some of these books in later posts.

6. Learn something new
Learning something new will keep your work interesting. If you are a HR guru then find software that will help you become more efficient. There are a slew of technologies available both online and off line; use them to make your life easier. Stop using a pad and pencil to do everything. You don’t have to thank me now for this suggestion but you will later. Seriously, technology makes our lives more organized, simplified, and energized.

Get out there and have some fun today.