How to drink more water every day

waterDrinking at least 8 cups of water a day has great health benefits such as weight loss and staying hydrated. If I am not wrong, this time of the year almost everyone is trying to loss weight. But most of us don't drink 8 cups everyday including me. At times I am able to drink 8 cups. Today, I will share some hints on how you can use low and high tech ways to start drinking 8 cups of water.

5 tips to get you to 8 cups:

1.Have a cup before breakfast:
Doing this will help us to eat less and start off the day with our first cup. Having a cup right next to your bed a good reminder. [1 cup]

2. Drink It on the go:
I take me about 1.5 hour to get to work, so I drink a 8oz bottle on the train. I usually carry it in my backpack.[2 cups]
Before lunch you should have had at least 3 cups of water. Set a timer on your
iPhone or Blackberry to remind you to check cup counts.
3. Ditch the the Soda for water at lunch:
Have a bottle of water with my lunch helps me get closer to my 8 cups and
it is much less fattening. Did I forget to mention that water is fat free ? [2 cups]

4. Grab 1 less cup of afternoon coffee:
I know that everyone is drained in the afternoon and a coffee helps;so does
a cup of water. Try substituting at least one cup of water for coffee. [1 cup]

5. Drink a cup with dinner and before going to sleep.
Drinking one cup before dinner has help me eat less at dinner.
Also drinking one cup before going to sleep might help us wake
up earlier. [2 cups]

Total=8 cups

Keeping a daily cup count spreadsheet or diary may also help.
What is your drink more water hack ?

Do something everyday !