Ways to save money in a recession

recession moneyYes, we are in a recession but it is not the end of the world. Things will get better but we are in the phase of things getting worst before get better. Saving money is not a option these days it is a necessity. The are some great website that could help us land some freebies or some cool discounts.

Today,we will look at some ways to save money and websites that will help us for the rainy days we are in.

1. Use Promo Codes

You can find promo codes for almost everything for airline tickets to bread to domain names. You can save as much as 50% or get free free shipping with promo codes.If you are looking to
not pay full price then it will be worth your time to visit some of these promo codes sites. Stop paying full price by using promo codes.

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Just promo codes and nothing to join.

2. Keep a record of your spending

We have to take blame where it is due and some of us are in our financial woes because we dug ourselves into a hole. There is still hope ,but it will take hard work and commitment. There is help online.


As per budget pulse,
"BudgetPulse.com is a new financial management service designed to help track your budget and manage your money. Besides tracking expenses, assets and bills against income, it helps to build an ideal budget by laying down milestones in expenses at regular intervals. This makes BudgetPulse key for smart spending and saving based on your earnings."

3. Burrow don't Buy:

The library is one of the biggest money saving secret most people overlook. The other day, I went to the library ,and I was amazed to see the traffic. It seem the these people realize that they could save a few bucks in these hard time by burrowing book ,DVD, and even wii games from the library. If you burrow instead of buy then you could save about $100 a month or more. That could be a saving of at lease $1000 a year.

However ,it might not be easy to find a in your area. This site below could help.

NLS :Find a Library

Try these tips and and your saving will amaze you.

Do something everyday.