How to make people NOT like you

LISTENWe are all human being ,and we crave acceptance. But some times we make enemies and are the cause of people avoiding and hating us. If we want people to hate and avoid us then we should do the following things.

1. Talk about Yourself

The world does not revolve around us. Sometimes we need to find out what else is going on in the world around us and stop talking about our local news. We are important but so is everyone and everything around us. Give others the opportunity to talk about themselves.

2. Not Remembering Name

People will despise us when they remember our names and we forget their names.
Wost yet you could say hey there Tim and the person's name is actually Steven.
Steven (not Tim) may be the director of HR ,and he will remember your name is James.
You got that Bob;sorry,you said that it was Arthur right. Woops, I did it a gain.
Making a connection between a person's name and something or someone you know will
help you remember a person's name.

3. Not Listening

We love to talk and talk and talk. But it is not easy to listen. Some of the best speaker in the world are the best listeners. The old joke that says that we should talk less and listen more because we have one mouth and two ears is absolutely on point. Try listening to your partner,child, and co-workers before you give your input or CUT THEM OFF. STOP CUTTING THEM OFF. IT IS RUDE AND ANNOYING. Listen more talk less.

Do something everyday!