How to stay calm at work

CALMDo you have a job ? Most of us might still do and sometimes events at work makes us angry or worried. But reacting to our anger and worries might further damage our day and lives. Today , we will discuss how to stay calm at work. Yes, I know this is easier said than done but in the current economy we might and should do everything needed to keep our jobs. However,staying calm and composed will go a long way.

How to stay calm at work:

1. Avoid replying to email when you are AngryDon't react immediately to emails that annoy or frustrates you.Don't let them tick you off. Sometimes we just have to step away from our desk and go for a walk then resolve issues.

2. Think Good about peopleWe want people to think good about us ,so we don't do the same. We must do on to
others as we like others do to us. If we always think that our boss and co-worker are out to
get us then we will always be paranoid and act paranoid. There will always be some rotten eggs ,so we have to figure out how to get along with them.

3. Surround yourself with thing that calm you down.

Having calming item in your work area might help you stay calm. I have some great quotes in my cubical. One of my favorite is "Never loss you place in the world". I also have things my children created for me and of course I try to have an occasionally cup of coffee or tea.

4. Work is only part of our lives
Realize that our jobs are only a part of our live;it is not our life. Our families and friends also play important parts in our lives. Even it we lose our jobs then life goes on. Losing our jobs is not the end of the world. Life will go on with or without us. It is a privilege to wake up everyday so make the best of it and don't throw it a way by crying over spilled milk. Don't worry there will be more milk. But another day in not guaranteed to anyone. Stop worrying and start living.