Fast Dreams

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Life is one big race and those who are the fastest are the winners and achieve their goals. Right? Not really.

We want fast food, weight loss, and of course fast money. But most of us including myself get caught up with these fast dreams. You can become successful, but it will take passion, planning, time, and hardwork.
How to achieve your dream eventually
1. Do what you love:

If you want to be very successful, then you have to love what your are doing or going to embark on. I read a book entitled The Google Story; it is about two guys ,you might have heard of and this tiny company, pursuing their passion to organize the world's data. That was their passion then ,and I think today they are kind of successful. Seriously...., they became very successful because they were passionate about their dream and had a plan to execute it.
2. Road Map:

Having a planning is the first step. Going to the big games and not having directions to the stadium is a waste of time and money. It is even more important to have a road plan for the most important game,your life. Writing it down will help us stay accountable to ourselves. Got Plans ? If we don't we waste a lot of valuable time that we will never ever get back.

3. Do The Time:
The 10,000 hour rule. Pick a goal and stick with it ,and you will become the best in the world at it. Let's say you wanted to be a great plumber and have your own plumbing business, then you will have invest your time. Don't be like Joe the plumber because you will only fool yourself.
Some of the greatest athletes, entertainers, artists, you guessed it even plumbers spend ten thousand hour or more to become great. How many hours have we put in ?

4. Hard Work:

So you got a plan. What do you do now ? Put you head down and get ready for the grind. Success does not come without struggle. This one of the greatest quotes not because it is from Frederick Douglas but because it is absolutely true. We really do get out what we put in. Let say you wanted to become a superstar blogger, who doesn’t,but it is not happening. Ask yourself why is it not happening? Do you blog everyday? Do you know and implement SEO? Do you think about blogging when you are not blogging? Do you try to improve your blog regularly? Doing all of this and more takes handwork. But remember you will get out what you put in.

Initially, the Google guys wanted to sell Google to the top search engine at the time for one million dollar, but they were turned down. What do you think they did after that ? That did not deter them they keep developing their product, offering more value, and today it is a multibillion dollar and one of the most respected company. I guess that company that initially turned Google down missed their boat.The Google guys did have the last laugh. Handwork will yield unexpected reward. Don't ever give up because you are closer than you think.
Success is not easy or fast but it is attainable. You get out what you put in. Stop reading this and go out there and make us proud. O yeah, don't forget to have some fun while you are becoming world class material.