How to solve a tough problem

Complicated Math EquationHave you ever solved a problem that was downright painstaking ? Of course you have; we all have! Some people choose to give up or get frustrated. But this is not you;you face challenges in the eye and take them head on. But we all sometimes need some encouragement and techniques to get over the hump.

1. Don't give up

Giving up will only get you further from a solution. If you give up when it gets hard you will not lose the weight you intended;rather you may fall into a slump and gain more weight then you started with. Edison tried to get the light bulb right over 10,000 times.  If he did not give up even after 10,000 tries why are we giving up on our weight loss goals after only 3 or 4 tries.

Did you know that the Google guys wanted to sell Google to AltaVista for one million dollars but AltaVista basically told them to get lost ? They did not give up;rather, they kept building their empire and today Google worth billions. Read "The Google Story" for more;it is an awesome read. Where would we be today if Edison or the Google guys gave up ?

Use your entire life  to achieve your goals or at least try 1,000 times to find the solutions you seek.

2. Have a plan B

Sometimes in life things don't always go as planned and having a back up plan will lead to better solutions than just giving up. If you are trying to lose weight and you started to eat less ,but your still not losing weight then you may need to add exercise to your regime. The key is, you still stick with your goals, but you modify the ways to get there.

3. Learn From Your Mistakes

Failure is your friend but at the same time you should not keep repeating the same error over and over. Make new mistakes and learn from them. When I started my weight loss goal; I did not lose any weight, but I realized that my late night snacking was the culprit. One week later, after I cut those snacks out, I lost 2 pounds.

4. Walk away and come back

Sometime taking a break and returning will help you solve your problem. You can collect your thoughts and regroup. Taking a day off from your diet regime will lead to much better results. You are not cheating ;you are living. You are not living to diet; rather, you are dieting to improve your life.

5. Piece by Piece

How do you eat an elephant ? Piece by piece of course. Breaking big problems down into smaller manageable pieces,will help you find solutions you seek. Don't try to lose 100 pounds start with 10 then 20 and so one. These targets are more achievable and will ultimately get you to your goal.

The next time you are stuck with a hard problem try these techniques.

How do you solve hard problems ?