90 percent off at Amazon

Did you ever look for a Deal at Amazon.com ? Of course you have. We are all looking for deal these days. Cheap is the new cool. Why pay full price when you don't have to ? Why on get 10% off when you could get up to 90% off. YES WE CAN ! I found a great post over at consumerist.com. It has a massive list of deal in categories such as Computers & PC Hardware, GPS and Navigation, and even Beauty (it is okay to look good) product from 10% - 90 % off.

My Favorites Discount are for the following:

Books (I like to read when I have time.): 90%
Jewelry & Watches (I gotta keep my honey happy.):90%
Computers & PC Hardware (Why pay full price ?): 90%

For more Mind Blowing Deal Visit:Search Amazon For Deals Up To 90% Off-[Consumerist.com]