Ways Not To Fall Asleep

bedroom decorationAre there times where you must stay away or else ? We have all be there and done that; but sometime we struggle to figure how to not fall asleep. I recently, finished my degree at University, and it was very challenging at times to stay awake at nights ,but I managed.I will share with you how I stayed awake.

Everyone is different and these tips may only work for me. I have no reservations,inspirations, or qualifications to advise anyone how to sleep. I am only stating how I was able to do it.

1. Why do it

The first think we need to understand is why we need to stay awake. Not sleeping could cause all kind of illness but sometimes we don't have a choice. There were times I had to stay awake to finish assignments that were do 6AM the next day. Sometimes, I may have procrastinated but there were times that I needed every minute till 557AM to completed mt projects. So if you are staying awake to finish a mission critical assignment,it may be Okay.However, if you are staying awake to chat or watch boring late night TV, then you should get your head to bed.

2. Stay Hydrated

Staying awake sucks the energy out of you.From my experience of pulling all nighters, I found that drinking water and coffee kept me going. But some people think it is better to stop drinking coffee. They might be right,but I think coffee had a psychological effect that kept me awake. Overall, I can remember drinking more water than any other liquid.

3. Power Nap

A quick nap may give you the energy needed to keep going. Notice that I said may;I said that because there were times that I slept through the whole night when I only intended to take a 5 minute nap. If you plan to take a power nap you may want to set an alarm to wake you up. I have two small children ,and they were and still are my alarm clocks.

4. Have passion

Ultimately, it was my passion that keep me going. I try my best to be my best and pulling all nighters help me get there. Hey, if it is worth doing it is worth doing well. My passion to learn new concepts and implementing them via projects that keep me going.

5. Remembering that sleep is inevitable

I knew that I would have to compensate for my crazy all nighters. I would plan nights that I would actually go to bed early. Sometime my body would just crash; and I would head straight to bed. Our bodies need to repair themselves.

Stop reading this post and go get some sleep. Your body will thank you.