Websites for unemployed people

Office cubiclesAre you employed ? If not it is okay.If you are who know how long that will last. In these uncertain times , there is no such thing as job security. The down turn in the economy has left millions unemployed and more may follow. There are some websites that can help you survive while you are looking. You might even find your next gig online. We should not fear being unemployed; rather we should fear become lazy and not searching for opportunities both online and off line.

Websites for unemployed people:

1.Stuff Unemployed People like

Crying over spill milk will not help. This site pokes fun at the whole unemployed
scenario. It is intended to be funny. Hey you will work the rest of your life so sit
back and ponder about your next move with a chuckle this site offers.

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2.Problogger Jobs

Follow your passion by blogging about it. Sure you may not be a professional blogger but it does not hurt to try. Some of you had and still have great writing skill. Use your skill to generate income to pay the bills. If for example you were an ace in the finance world ,then you may be rock start business and finance blogger. Go for it. Get off you couch and check out opportunities waiting for you.

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3. Craigslist

Craigslist has numerous freelance opportunities. You don't have to be and expert ,but it would help. This site has opportunities in virtually every major US city and state. If you are living outside of the US there are also goodies for you. Let say you were a rock start HR manager who loved and master all your math courses. But you were burn in your last job; you need a break and would like to try something different.You can. Yes you can.Yes you should. You could make up to $70 and hour tutoring SAT & ACT . Check out craigslist if you are looking to reinvent yourself or just need some cash to get by.

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4. Social Networks

Social networks are a great way to make friends and more. You should advertise yourself at,for example, LinkedIn and Facebook. You may run into someone who can help or even hire you.

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5. Happy Jetting

A vacation may be way over due for you. You've been on the grind for years, and you are considering taking a vacation.Yes can and Yes you should. You may be worries that it may be too
expensive. It is not. I wrote previously wrote a post that showed hotels as low as $1 a night and $14 trips between New York and San Francisco. That is cheap.

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You will never know if you don't try.
Get out there and make us proud.