Email Etiquette At Work

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Do you sometimes send an email to a coworker you regret ? We have all done this at least once. Hey, you live and learn and move one. To avoid such email,everyone should practice basic email etiquette at work.

Email Etiquette At Work:

1. You can't hide behind your email

Our email is only one form of communication. If we don't get a response, then we should not expect the worst of the receiver. I've deleted a few email by mistake in my lifetime. Pick up the phone and call your coworker or walk over to there cubicle and talk with them if possible.

2. Less is more

Keep it short and sweet. You don't need to tell your life story. We come to our jobs to work on interesting projects not to read long, boring and inflammatory emails. Get to the point.

3. Ask a questions

Asking a question will get a direct and concise answer. It will also avoid sending numerous email back and forth. Did you ..... ? Yes . Done

4. Save the Drama

Your email is no place for being a drama king or queen. If you are replying to an email based solely on emoting, then you are doomed. Seriously, an email could serve as evidence against you when it's time for review. Just walk over 10 feet to your coworker and have talk about your misunderstanding of the situation. Better yet go for a walk and cool off first. The walk will help you generate more analytical solutions to the unpleasant,annoying, or confusing email than replying to your coworker they are an idiot.

5. Look before you leap

Check your spelling and grammar before you send that professional sounding email. Also you might be working on task that you are in your flow and replying to that email will make you loose your priceless concentration. Don't act on impulse;rather, stop and think, is that email more important than what I am currently doing and then reply later if possible.

These tips you will help you learn or improve your email etiquette at work.

What tips do you have on managing emails ?