Tips for going green at work

Do you want to save the earth but your busy at work ? You may not have to choose.Some times when I leave, I notice that a light is left on in an empty conference room,so I turned it off.Going green is easier than we think. Everyone has to do their part.If we don't what will we leave behind for our kids and their kids?

Green tips to save the planet at work

1. Recycle
Most workplace have recycling containers;use them.

2. Turn it off
We should try to turn off anything that can be turned off when it is not being used. That includes gadgets,lights and a radio your coworker forgot to turn off.

3. Don't print email
Printing email may not be necessary. This practice waste paper,ink,and electricity.Alternatively,you could create a folder on your computer and save those emails and attachments you need to save.

4. Use Electronic calenders
If you are using non electronic planners and want to save the planet,then you should consider using an electronic version. At the end of the year, those planner contribute to our already massive landfills. Most email carrier such as Gmail and Yahoo provide free online calenders. Use them. Of course if you have Outlook available at work use it as well. Or better yet if you have a Blackberry or other PDA use their calenders.

5. Reuse
In some offices there are water coolers and coffee makers that come with disposable cups.If you reusing those cup then your footprint on the earth will leave less of an indent.

Work is more restrictive than being at home, but it does offer you opportunities to go green and contribute to saving the planet.Actually work is what you make of it.