Top 6 Motivation Hacks

frighten storm wave"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all."
~Dale Carnegie

Do you sometimes lose motivation to get it done ? Been there done that and came back. We all have have motivational highs and lows. But getting a boost always helps. Junk food may keep us going by that is only temporary. Being motivative could keep you going on and on and on until we change the world. Or at least complete our task at hand.

Motivational Hacks:

1.Thinks positive.
Don't be your own worst enemy. You are brilliant,creative, and smarter that you could ever imagine. Don't doom yourself by thinking or using word that are negative to describe you. You have more talents and skills than you think. Be positive.If you don't think good about yourself ,than who will. Start in your own backyard.

2.Throw you entire heart into it.
If it is worth doing then do it well. No one is perfect but we could strive for it. Do it whole hearted.

3.Reward yourself
When you accomplish something BIG then rewarding yourself is a good motivator. Delayed gratification is good but if your are in a slum then just do it.Buy that affordable (LWYM-live within your means) gift for yourself that will keep you going.

It is amazing the power that start has. When we beginning a difficult task, we naturally develop a mysterious work flow that keeps us going. You will never taste the sweetness of the flow if you never start. Get off you couch and start that project NOW.

5. Reflect on difficult times
We don't have it as bad as we think. Remembering that will definitely keep us going. At one time we were broke and unemployed and now we have a job and income and a decent place to stay but we are still complaining. The glass is half filled. Complaining and criticizing will lower our motivation. Friends don't let friends criticize.

6.Read Quotes
Quotes have a way of changing our moods. "You must do the things you think you can not do" by Elenore Roosevelt will help us to look fear in the eye and over come it. As a result, our motivation we go through the roof. Seriously, life changing quotes give us the boost we sometimes need when we are down and out on our motivation juice.