Fast ways to lose weight without exercise

Are you trying to get healthy but don't have the time to exercise ? It is not impossible. Following these tips will help you get there.If these tip worked for me then they can work for anybody.

1. Eat less
If we eat less food,then we have less to burn. This takes some time to getting used to,but I think I found a trick. Splitting up your lunch(other meals as well) into two portion is a good way to start.You eat one portion now and later(usually 2 hours later).I am at the point that I sometimes don't eat the second half because I am full or just too busy working.

2. Walk don't drive
This method will help you save gas. Walk to the corner store instead of driving. There is so much to see in your hood that you will never experience cruising in your hybrid car (everyone has to do their part).

3. Sleep more
Research has proven that the more we sleep the less we eat. This makes sense because if we are sleeping then we will not be eating (unless you sleep walk and eat...scary).Get your snooze on to shed your unwanted weight.

4. Reject Comfort food
We all have craving,but we must resist.Comfort food sneak up on us because they are within our grasp. Some may say that you only live once,so we should eat whatever we feel like eating.They are right that we live only once so let us live it as healthy as possible.Okay,drop the chips and step away from the Big Mac.

5. Drink more water
Eight cups a day will keep the fat away. Really, when you drink a lot of water it fills you up and as a result you eat less and move more (no explanation needed here). Try drinking at least one cup water before every meal ,and you will see the difference. Also replacing soda and healthy (sugary) 100 percent juices with water will add less fat to your corners.

6. Walk to the copy machine
For the office rats,me included,we need to move more in the office. Simple things like printing to a printer not close to you or walking over to a coworker's desk could help you shed those love handles. Every step counts(really).

7. Eat a heavy breakfast
Our moms were and still right,breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a good breakfast will keep us going for the first part of the day.I once read a study that showed when obese people eat a heavy breakfast overtime they lost weight.When we don't eat breakfast we tend to overeat at lunch because we are SO HUNGARY. A hungry person is an angry person.In these times ,we should come to work calm. Listen to mom and eat your breakfast.

8. Eat a light dinner
Since we will not move much after dinner then it may be a good idea to eat light. I avoid rice for dinner. If I must eat late,then try to eat fruits or cereal.Sometimes I break this rule but hey I am human;I not perfect. However,we should try to be good most of the time.

9. Eat the right foods
I don't think we need to spend too time here.A rule of thumb is anything that has a lot of ingredients, is fast and cheap may not be the right food.If your still not sure read food labels (if available). You should also start cooking at home(this also saves money).

10. Eat in small containers
Its been proven that if we use small containers we eat less. This make sense because we feel guilty to take seconds and thirds (just try it).

Doing any or all of these tips will help you loose weight and stay fit and best of all no exercise required.