Tricks to remembering names

"Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names"

~Japanese Proverb

Do you forget people's names? We all do but doing so could harm us both in our personal and professional life. A person's name is golden. Having to ask "what was your name again" may show lack of respect or just plain heedlessness. It does not have to be that way. You can remember names with these tricks.

 1.       Be selfless

We sometimes get caught up talking about ourselves, and we forget anything the other person said. Listen more and talk less. When we talk and talk and talk people end up not liking us.


2.       Double Check

Mentioning a name in conversation is an amazing was for it to stick. If you met George Jetson, then you should mention his name while you are having a discussion.


3.        New Contact

Adding Mr. Jetson to your contact list will help you to remember who is. Also adding some descriptive comments to the contact's entry will boost your memory. Believe it or not you may see him again.


4.       Repeat and Write it

We tend to remember with practice and repetition. When you meet someone for the first time silently repeat his or her name. Also when you are leaving the gathering say something like " it was nice to meet you Mr.Jetson."When you get a chance write his name down and draw an image (flying car) next to his name to remember him.


5.       Don't try so hard

It's great to remember names but sometimes when we try too hard, and we make mistakes. Let it come naturally. You feel terrible when someone forgets your name, right ? Of course you do. So does Mr. Jetson. Don't try to remember name; rather, try not to hurt others feeling by forgetting their names.