Fun Ways To Relieve Stress

Are you stressed out ? Being stressed is part of life. How we handle it makes the difference. Stress leads to high blood pressure and a slew of other health risks. I guess the old saying that stress kills is true. It does not have to be that way. Life is too priceless and we should treat it as such by not being stressed all time.

Fun Ways To Relieve Stress:

1. Go for a walk
Getting away (if possible) from the environment that stresses you helps. If you know that someone or something at work (any setting) stresses you then take a break from it.

2. Play a game

Research proven that playing games release stress. I recently read a study showed that playing Pacman help relief trauma.

3. Smile

Don't let stress get you down. Think of a happy moment in your life and smile when faced   with stress.

4. Fast Forward

Will the situation causing your stress matter in three years? Most likely NOT. Forgetaboutit! The next time you are tempted to raise your blood pressure just fast forwards and don't forget to smile.

5. Be human

Everyone makes mistakes. To err is human. Learn from your mistakes,don't repeat them and move on. Don't let them stress you out. Can you imagine how boring life would be if we were all perfect. We would never learn anything new if we did not step out of our comfort zone.Remember, Thomas Edison failed up to 10,000 times before he got the light bulb correct. Stop worrying so much and keep doing  the remarkable work you do.