How To Stay Calm

stay calm carry onHave you ever lost your temper ? Every looses their cool at least once. Some of us more often than than others. It does not have to be that way.

How To Stay Calm:

1. Look before you leap

If you think about the negative effects of loosing your cool, then you may prefer the higher road.

2. Avoid toxic people

There are some people that were put on this earth to annoy us. First,identify them and know how to avoid them. For example ,at work,say something like I would love to talk, but I have to get something out by the ending of the day. In most cases, you always have to get something out all the time everyday.

3. Deal with toxic people

This may seem like conflicting advice but sometime we get angry at ourselves if we don't put our foots down. Just be nice and respectful while doing so. Being calm requires that we don't hurt others feeling no matter how toxic they are. Hurting their feelings would only bring us down to their level.

4. Vent outside the tent

Loosing your cool should be done outside. We are all human ,and we have to vent but just take it outside. Go for a walk. As cool as Obama is,he still gets angry but,he takes it outside. He plays basketball with his staff to vent.

5. Be patient

Sometimes thing are not the way they seem. We sometimes jump to false conclusions that cause us to get fired up.Be cool and think good of people and situations. Be patient and in time the truth will be revealed. Remember what is fast and simple is not always best. And jumping to false conclusion is fast and simple. Practicing patience and goodwill is cool.