How can I change the world

Did you ever ask yourself  this?

But you didn’t bother to follow up because it seemed like a daunting task. It doesn't have to be.

You don't need a lot of money. You don't need a lot of time. But you will need to have an intention to improve someone's life. Today, we will look at a couple of ways you can start changing the world.

1. Start with yourself

We will not be able to change the outside world until we can change what is inside of us. You have to stop thinking that one person can't make a difference. You can.

2. Start small

Starting small  allows us to set achievable goals. Thinking big is a great idea but most of us find difficult to eat an elephant all at once.  If we can complete small goals today, then we will be able to achieve the big ones tomorrow. Criticizing and complaining will not change the situation but taking positive incremental actions will. Initially, don't set out to change your failing school district; rather, you should start by tutoring a group of kids in your neighborhood for FREE.

3. Contribute Online

I am not talking about money (but that would also be nice). You can share your years of experience by answering questions or giving advice on Facebook, Twitter, forums or even leaving comments on blogs. Trust me; you have much more to offer than you realize. Some individual are just waiting for your insights. Go for it. Get out there and make us proud!

4. Spend time with your kids

If you don't have kids this may still apply to you. You must realize the positive moments you spend with your children will shape their identity forever; as a result, you will be changing their world.  Your kids will be off to college sooner than you think. Spend quality time with them before they are gone.  Regret is very hard to live with. If you are not a parent, then you may be an aunt, uncle, or even a concerned nosey neighbor who will get involved when you see "something".

5. Be positive

The saying misery loves company is true; likewise, being and having positive vibes will resonate with the world around you. It's an amazing thing when someone could be having a horrible day and a positive word from YOU makes them forget all their miseries.

Every single one of us has the ability to change the world. Use these tips as a starting point to changing the world.

Be the change!