How to get your emails read

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Do you send tons of email but you’re not getting much response back ? It does not have to be that way. Sometime we are the cause of receiver not reading and replying to our emails. Most people are swamped and getting long, boring and unclear emails will cause them to not take action.

Today, we will look at methods you could use to get your emails read almost always.

1. Less is more

Long emails are a huge turn off. Keep it simple and short. A lot of us get hundreds of emails daily and don't have the time or the patience to read email that look like essays. However, there are exceptions to the rules such as someone asking for steps to complete a task. Most people will give priority to short emails because they don't have the time to read and reply to Novels. If you have lengthy issues  then send a simple and short email requesting an appointment.

2. Subject Line

The subject line may be the most important thing you write in your email. Most busy people don't have time pay attention to emails with "hi" in the subject line. If you need HR to fix your personal time then in the subject line write something like "fixing personal time". When they see that subject line they will know what type of action they might have to take and will want to read more of your email. Sending them a "hi" subject line probably will get your email pushed to the back of the queue.

3. Ask questions

If you want an answer, then you must ask the appropriate question. If you want a yes or no answer then ask that type of question. For example, you might send an email to asking are we meeting today. But if you wanted more then ask are we meeting Tuesday at 3 or Friday at 1. Asking a question will prompt the receiver to take action; they will react by replying to your emails.

4. Proofread

No one wants to waste time figuring out what you are trying to say. Turn your spell checker on and put on your grammar thinking cap on. Yes, you can get away with this when you deal with friends but not in the workplace. None of us is perfect but always take a few minutes to review your emails before you send them.

5. Don't Nag

We must realize that people are busy. When you're emailing your supervisor or coworker ,you should acknowledge that you know they are busy and that they can get back to you when they get a chance. This will cause them to reply even faster to your email because you have expressed your understanding of their situation. We must think of others' situation when we seek solutions for ourselves. Emailing someone 10 times for the same thing will annoy them and most likely lead to those annoying emails being ignored.

6. Thank people

When someone does something you requested in an email, then you should thanks them. This will cause them to pay more attention your future emails. You can do this both right after your request is completed and when asking for something in a future request.

Before you hit the send button on your next email, use these tips to increase the probability that your email will be replied to.