Google hacks and tricks

google search logo
Most of us use Google everyday several times a day. Do you sometimes get results that are irrelevant. Technology should speed  us up not slow us down. There are some tricks you can use that will make your Googling more efficient and fun.
1. All in title

If you are looking for sites/pages with specific content  you can use this command. Most sites have a descriptive title that will help you to narrow down your search. Let's say you wanted to find sites or blogs related to home remedy for sick dogs, then you would type the following into Google allintitle:"home remedy for sick dogs" and click search.

2. More is better

You can search for more than one term. Using the + sign you can combine more than one  string to narrow down your search. If you wanted cool dog toys and you entered that into Google you get a slew of sites that had any one of those terms in it. To get a more precise type into Google "cool+dog+toys". This will return sites that contain all three of your terms.

3. Less is more

Inversely,you could exclude terms from a search. Let's say you were looking for dog trainer but one who don't offer boot camps. You would enter "dog trainer" - "boot camp". Your pouch will love you for not being so gun hoe.

4. Calculate it

You can use google as a calculator. If you quickly need to run a calculation then enter it into Google and hit search. For example, if you wanted to know how much you spend at Petco on dog food last week you would enter into Google 25+32.5+10.16+65.32 and hit search. Whoa doggie grub is sure expensive.

5. Deal Finder

Google shopping can help you find deals online and save time. On the Google page click Shopping and enter the item you are looking for. You don't have to type into Google how much do designer leash cost;rather,you could click Shopping and enter designers dog leash.  After the items are found you can sort to find the cheapest deals. Shipping and taxes are displayed and included in the prices to us make a more frugal choice. 

At the end of the day, you still need to filter your results but using these tips you will  significantly narrow down your results. Finding 100 sites is much easier and less frustrating  to work with than 1,000,000.