How to save money every month

save money fast
Are you still paying full price for every thing and struggling to pay your bills at the end of the month ? It does not have to be that way. You can take advantage of coupons and codes online to save money every month. We recently saved $18 at Khols with a printable coupon we found online. You don't have to get a credit card to get 20 percent off;rather, you just have to spend a few minutes online to find amazing money saving deals.

Today, we'll look at ways  you can almost always save some money when shopping in store or online. If you try these tips,then you will save money every month. We've save more than $40 already this month.

1. Clearance Section
Most stores will have a clearance sale section. We've found items for up to 80 percent off in this sections. Most retailers have a link to their sales sections on their websites. When you are in the stores,it is usually at the back where most of us go last or don't go at all.

2. Email Notification
Online vendors want us to spend more ,so they try to entice us with great savings. Sign up to get as many notification as you can;they will save you money. It takes a little time, but it can save you a lot. You will get daily deals delivered to your email for FREE.

3. Off Peak
Some online stores drop their prices late at night due to inventory control. We've found deals for as much as 75 percent off the regular price. The trick is to shop online very late in the night (usually after 12AM).

4. Use promo codes
You can almost always find a promo code for almost all online retailers. Websites such as Retailmenot and Slickdeals can save you a chunk. You can also Google the store you are interested in followed by promo code. For example,if you are looking to save at Children Place then you would enter something like the following string into the Google search box "Children Place promo code". The search term will return sites that offer you opportunities to get your savings on.

5. Like Them
Many companies are establishing their presence on Facebook and if you take notice ,then they will reward you. It's common for companies to give you coupons and freebies if you "Like" their pages. I recently got free pizza for liking to a huge pizza franchise. Facebook can keep you connected to family,friends and deals.

Next time you go shopping online or in store try these tips to save some money.
These tips can and will help you save money every month.