Low tech solutions for high tech problems

WheelwrightHave your ever solved a complex high tech problem with a simple low tech solution ? The saying that less is more is really true. The bright folks over at NYT-tech has some great low tech solutions to fixing some high tech problems.

My favorite tips are :

1. Cell Phone In Toilet
If your cell phone falls into a toilet,then it can be saved. Dipping your phone our of the toilet, drying it then burying it in jar of uncooked rice could save it. Saving a $500 iPhone could be well worth your time especially if you did not not pay for the insurance.

2.Cleaning Your DVDs
If your DVDs are skipping track or not showing properly there is hope. Cleaning your old DVDs with mouthwash could jump start your DVDs' performance. Rubbing alcohol has done wonders for us.

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