Blackberry Curve Tips and Tricks

blackberry curveDo you have a Blackberry you mostly use for just email and going online ? But sometimes the simplest task becomes annoying.Join the club. It does not have to be like that.There are ways to do things more efficiently and productive.

Email And Messaging:

1.To reply to an email simply type R-reply
2.To reply to all press L-reply all
3.To forward it press F-forward
4.To jump to the top of inbox press T-top
5.To jump to the bottom of inbox press B-bottom


6.To type capital letter press and hold key
7.To finish a sentence hit the space key twice
8.To copy and paste press shift and use the roller to highlight
then from the menu select copy and then paste in desire location.

Using the internet:

9. To go to a page press G-go
10. To add a bookmark press A- add to bookmark
11. To return to homepage press H-home

Saving Your Battery Life:
12.Go to menu select--> option -->Screen/Keboard
reduce the Backlight Timeout.

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This review Youtube Video may also help.

These tips may make your Blackberry experience more productive and efficient.