30 days trial challenge

You want to loose weight,become a better writer, eat healthier, and of course become richer. Everyone has ambitions but implementation is our downfall. It does not have to be that way. You are capable of achieving remarkable results. But you have start by doing it for 30 days.

How to accomplish your goals in 30 days

1. Have a strong intention

Our intentions will lead our actions.I recently complete a month of fasting. On the night before I started to fast,I made a strong intention in my heart that I will fast everyday for the next month. Positive intentions lead us to positive results.You should also write down your goal that you are trying to accomplish in 30 days. Reviewing your goals within the trial might help you stay focused.  

2. Work on one goal

We can't do everything. Pick one goal and stick with it for 30 days then move to your next goal. So you want to stop smoking and loose 10 pounds. Start with one because try to do both may cause you fail at both. Engaging in this 30 days trial period will be not as easy as it may sound so hold off on multitasking. At the end of 30 days, hopefully you would have quit smoking and that will motivate you to work on loosing those 10 pounds.

3. Do it everyday
It will be hard at first but anything not normally done is hard at first. Skipping a day may lead to failure and doom. Don't defeat yourself;work on your goal every day for the next 30 days. Your life may change after 30 days.But you will never know if you take a break,quit, or just give up on day 3. Just do it EVERYDAY (for 30 days).

4. Be patient

Thirty days is a long time and only patience will get you through it. Focus on the positive  effect of loosing ten pound will have on you. You will be able fit in those jeans,say no unhealthy food,continue your long term goal of just living and looking healthier. But none of that will not happen if you don't remind patient and keep going when you feel you can't go any more and give into that yummy super sized Big Mac.

5. Find a friend

It may be easier if you have a friend along the way for the trial. Both of you will do great. If your buddy falls apart then you must keep on going. You are doing this for you.

6. Keep Going
Why stop after 30 days. Keep going turn it into a 60,90, eventually a complete long term lifestyle change. At the same time, you start your next challenge. Don't run away from challenges;rather you should embrace them.

If you can do it for 30 days,then you can do it for the rest of your life.