How to Say No Nicely

Do you ever get the feeling that you don't say NO enough ? Most of us find it very difficult to say no. Not saying no can lead to our failure. Being a yes man or woman causes to us become overloaded and frustrated. It does not have to be that way. Have no fear this post is here to save the day.

Having the courage to say no is an art. You can say no without saying no or you could just be blunt and blurt it out. For example, if co-worker wants to have lunch with you but you want to stay in and finish your time sensitive project then choosing any of the options below could work:

Option 1:
Say something like I would love to have lunch with you,but I have a tight deadline. Don't worry he will live.

Option 2:
Or you could just tell him NO;end of story no explanation needed. You know your peps best.

Option 3:

Or you could say I am working on something;I will get back to you.Make sure you back to him after your project is done.

Option 4:

Or just simply say now is not a good time. Honesty is the best policy.


NO,I am not eating now.

NO, you can't burrow another $100.

NO, I will not cancel my doctors appointment,I waited 3 months for, for you.

NO, I can't work 4 hours a day when I am on vacation.

NO, you can't have that new $500 game console.

NO, I will not eat that.

NO, I will not stay with you and be miserable.

NO, is a new word that I will use more in my vocabulary starting today.

No is not a bad word.

Using these different ways of saying NO mentioned will make your life more bearable.