How to avoid weight gain during the holidays

unhealthy weight
Tips to avoid gaining weight during the holidays:

1. Drink Water

Drinking more water before your meals will help to fill you up before that 6 course meal. Try drinking at least 1-2 cups of water before meals ,and you will not have space for seconds or that last gingerbread man cookie.

2. Eat a Salad

Salad will also helps to fill you up before your main course. Try your best to avoid those high fat salad dressing.

3. Get Your Sleep

Lack of sleep has been proven to increase weight gain. From a non scientific point of view, it makes sense the more we are up the more tend to eat. When you are on the road visiting family or friend don't forget to get a good night rest (6-8 hours).

4. Eat Less

This may be a no brain ,but is very difficult when there is tons of fabulous food tempting you. Sampling the goodies may be a plan and will help you to eat less. Don't fill you plate with those
snacks just take 1 or 2 pieces.

5. Continue Exercising

Observing the holidays is no excuse to not exercises. There might not be enough time but simply going for a walk could help do the trick. Go to the mall to take advantage of all those great deals will definitely be a good form of exercise.

Good lifestyle habits should be practiced everyday including the holidays.