How to build your dream life

bullseye targetHave a dream and build it.

Are you always busy ? Do you find yourself putting off your dreams and passions because you are too busy doing everything else. To realize your passion is a great accomplishment. Some of us will live our entire life and never find it. Is your passion to become a writer,teacher,video game designer, or a rock start blogger. Whatever it is your have to go after it.

However,we are too busy doing the important things to get the bills paid and put food on the table. Our dream can wait,right.Absolutely, not ! Our dream will take time (fast dreams are false dreams). Therefore, we have to do something every day to get there.

We sometimes find ourselves wasting time when could have donated that 1 hour (wasted) watching TV towards following our passions and getting closer to our dreams. If what we are doing is not taking us closer to our dreams, hopes, or ambitions then it is taking us away from it.

The above quotes means that dreaming is not enough.We MUST get out there and take action. We will not achieve our dreams if we sit on the sidelines. Following your passions to achieve your dreams is an active sport. Get set,get ready,Go!

How to build your dream life:

1. Turn off the TV or YouTube
We spend a lot of time watching TV and online videos that time could be put into starting and getting closer to our dreams.

2. Have a short term and long term plan
We can't build the dream in one day, but we should have benchmarks to see where we are.Having a 6 months and 6 year plan may be a good place to start. Then again everyone is different. You will have to find the plan that works best for you. The key is to have a plan.

3. Set chunks of time to get it done
Dedicate one hour everyday to building and getting closer to your dream.

4. Measure yourself regularly
Are you at the same place your were 2 year ago ? How will we know if we don't check ourselves. I remember a line from some where that said that if you don't check yourself then you will wreck yourself. Don't wreck your dreams,check yourself regularly(daily,monthly,and yearly).

5. Write down your goal
Writing down your goals will serve as a frame of reference. Let's say today is January 1 and ,you want to lose 15 pounds by May 1,then if you wrote that down and constantly revisited that goal then you will avoid eating that doughnut and other high fat food. Writing specific date will help keep you on track as well.

6. Envision yourself accomplishing your goals
Working backward may also help. If you want to be a work at home parent then imagine you are already there. Imagining this will make you work even harder to get there.

7. Think about your goals before you go to sleep
I've found that thinking about my goals before I go to sleep bring more clarity in the morning.The brain is an amazing thing. So the next time you get stuck, go to bed.The solution may come to you in the morning.

8. Watch YouTube videos related to your goals.
It is okay to spend extended time on YouTube if what your watching will help you get closer to your goal.

9. Talk to those who have similar goals.
You can meet these folks online and offline. Join groups and ask them how they did it. Also reading books of those who accomplished your dream my also help. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Understanding how it works may save you a lot of time.

10. Don't give up
If you don't believing you then who will ? You have to keep going when things get tough. Giving up on your dreams will only move you farther way from ever achieving them.You have to keep going.