Simple ways to Save money online

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Do you find it hard to save money ? And you feel guilty when you spend. We need to spend to live,but we don't have to pay full price. These tips will give you ideas how  you can save money when  shopping online.

1. Clearance Section

Almost all online retailers have a clearance or sale link on their website. Find it and start saving today.

2. Email Alerts

Online merchants actually want to save you money. If you sign up to their community/alerts they will email you daily deals and discounts. I get alerts from Macy's,Gap,Buy,Children Place and others that save us money. These alerts cost nothing and you could save you a lot.

3. Google Shopping

You can use Google to search and  to save money. Type into Google the item you are interested in and hit shopping. Google will search the whole Internet for your item. When the results are returned you can sort the prices to find the lowest price that includes shipping and handling.

4. Shop at off peak hours

I can't prove this one ,but it has worked for me. I've found some outrageous deals,more than 80 percent off ,online around and after 1 AM mostly on the weekend. It may have something to do with inventory control. You will have to try it and find out.

5. Use promo codes

There are discount codes sprinkled all over the internet just waiting for you;you just have to know where and how  to find them. Below is a list of popular sites that could save you some nice change.

RetailMeNot- Codes for 65,00 online stores
FatWallet- Deals that will save you money
SlickDeals- The best deals
DealTaker- The Place for coupons & deals
BradsDeals- Handpicked savings

These are just a few. If they don't help, then you should type into Google the store your interested  plus something like promo code.

Trying to save money while shopping online ? Then try these tips.

What are your tricks for saving money when shopping online?

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