How to save money without trying

hundred dollar bill
Could you use a few extra bucks ? Join the club. These days
it seems almost everything is getting more and more expensive ,
and we can't save a dime as hard as we try. It does not have to
be that way.Today, we will share some tips to help you save money
without much effort.

1. Empty your pockets

At the end of the day,I find that I sometime have coins in my
pockets (at least 60 cents daily and some time more or less).
That change can and will add up. That adds up to about $20 a
months and $240 a year.

2. One less Starbucks coffee
Starbucks coffee taste great ,but it is expensive.A cup of Joe
is about $2.Some of us drink multiple cups throughout the
day(used to be me).Assuming you have your Starbucks five
days(workweek),you would save almost $500 just having
one less cup of Joe a day for a year.

3. Brown Bag it
Brown bagging your lunch twice a week could add up nicely.
If you spend $10 on lunch,then you could save almost $1000
a year (that was easy right). That is a nice chunk of cash for
other important things like a long deserved vacation (go you!).

4. Don't renew
If your subscribe to a magazine and don't read it then don't
renew it. You can get all that information online if you have
time to get all that information. My subscription comes weekly
,and I don't find time to read last week edition before this week's
arrives.If you are like me then you could save up to $50 or more
a year by not renewing a magazine subscription you don't read.

5. Deep discounts
You can shop online and save up to 90 percent or a lest never
pay full price. has items for up to 90 percent off.
You should also Google for promo codes for what even you
are buying online.