How to find your passion in 2 minutes or less

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  Are you doing what you love ? Do you jump out of bed looking forward to the day ahead ? If you're not; it does not have to be that way. You deserve to get to where you want to be in life. And finding your passion will get you there.

Today we will look at 5 ways  you can find your passion in 2 minutes or less.

1. Strong intention (10 seconds)

Have a strong intention  by the end of this post you will work on whatever you discover you're passionate about.  Weak intentions will only yield weak results. 

2. Write it down (30 seconds)

Take out a blank sheet of paper and write down 10 things you deeply care about or would to like to become. Don't think just write non stop for 20 seconds. Let your hands write what is in your heart. At the end of this exercise select the top three things and cross everything else out. Then cross out 2 more ,and you will be left with the one that you will put all your heart and soul into accomplishing.  

3. Visualize (20 seconds)

Close your eyes and imagine you could be or do any of those top things you wrote down. You will not become what you can not imagine. Remember,you deserve to get to where you are try to get to.

4. Have a plan (50 second)

Combine  what you deeply care about (step 1) and what you want to pursue  (step 2). Then write a mini  outline on how you think you might get there. Don't over think this;you can always modify it.

5. Commit to take action everyday (10 second)

Steps 1 to 4  will be useless if you don't take immediate action. It will take time, hard work and patience ,but you will eventually get there if you make a commitment to  take action every day.


If  you are passionate about blogging and want to be a rock star blogger then everyday you should learn something new and implement it to grow your blog and improve your skills. You should learn how Youtube, Facebook,Twitter,Social Bookmarks, and SEO can help grow your blog. Most importantly you will be obsessed with providing value to your readers. Don't waste your time over thinking and thinking and thinking;just take action right now.

Deep down in our hearts, we all have an idea of what we are  passionate about and want to pursue ,but we are scared or just too comfortable to take action. Acting on these five steps will  get you closer to your goals.

Don't die with your art in you; you were put on this earth to do something extraordinary with your life. Get out find it and take massive action now. 

It's never to late to become what you might have been.
~George Eliot