How to lose weight at work

Everyone wants to live a healthy and happy life. But it's not that easy; you have a busy schedule packed with  responsibilities such as  work,school, family, and all the lovely surprises life often gives you. For most of us our work fills a huge part of our day. We want to lose weight but  that is last thing we have time for. It does not have to be that way. These tips will show you how to lose weight at work.
1. Move More

Work does not have to be boring; you can have some fun and maybe lose a few pounds too. Fidgeting can help you lose weight. Click your fingers, move your legs back and forth, and of course walk over to your coworkers instead of sending a lazy email. Also taking the stairs when possible helps to melt those love handles away. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

2. Stand Up 

Did you know that simply standing can help you to burn calories ? You can burn 200 or more calories if you stand for 1 hour.  You can use this tip while going to or at work. If you take public transportation to and from work and stand five days ,then you are burning at least 2000 calories in those 5 days. Also standing at work while on calls or reading work related material could also help to blast the fat away.

3. Drink Water

Drinking more water will help you eat less. Eating less will help you to loose weight. Drinking water before meals will trick your brains into thinking that you are full and you'll eat less and lose more weight. Also cutting out high sugar drinks (AKA soda and juices) will help. The trick is to have a bottle of water close to your desk and keep on refilling it throughout the day. Trust me on this, I do it almost everyday. As a result, that has allow me to eat less,feel fuller, and lose weight. If you are too busy to remember,then you should set an alert on your Blackberry, iPhone or whatever smartphone you use. Technology can help us lose weight.

4. Take a Walk

A ten minutes walk could make a huge difference in your short and long term health. Try dividing your lunch break into two parts;the first part you will eat and the second part you go for a walk. Spending an entire hour engaged in just sitting and talking will not help you with your short term or long term health goals. You could also try doing what the Subway guy does;he takes long walk to get lunch.

Everyone want to be healthy but finding the balance between work and a healthy lifestyle is challenging. The good news is that we can have both.  Try the tips to start losing weight at work and living healthy and happy life.